We're back...with a story to share.

You could say we failed. No stock in popular sizes. Styles that didn’t perform well. Trademark issues. Clearance sales. Online store closed. Failure? Maybe, but Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” 

Humility can’t be taught, it must be learned. 

When we launched our original denim company in 2014, with no previous denim experience, we set a simple goal: get athletes in jeans. It didn’t make sense that our friends and fellow fitness enthusiasts couldn’t find a pair of jeans that fit them properly. That singular insight led us on a five year journey around the world that has culminated in the establishment of our new active lifestyle company: Edison Atlas. 

We know more now, but there’s still a heck of a lot for us to sort out. Luckily, we’ve met some amazing people that introduced us to trusted partners pursuing similar goals. When we learned that we had to change fabrics and denim makers our team saw it as the right time to improve our product and give our customers more options. We’ve noticed that with the right people around you obstacles become opportunities.

This has, and always will be, a personal pursuit for us. We’re endlessly grateful for everyone’s support. These jeans are EARNED.