You have questions? We have answers.

We love hearing from our customers and happily answer pretty much any question that comes our way on Facebook, Instagram, or email. The following questions seem to come up the most, so we figured we’d answer them all in one place.

1. "If I've worn jeans from your previous company do I order the same size?"

Nope! If you take a look at our sizing chart we include "Our Old Size" in addition to our new sizes. If you ordered Women's denim under the previous company name add 1 to your old size (an "old" 24 is now a 25 in EA denim, a 27 would be a 28, etc.) and if you ordered our Men's denim in the past add 2 to your old size (an "old" 30 is now a 32 in EA denim, a 34 would be a 36, etc.)

You can always email us for a personal size recommendation!

2. "You don't have the length I need, what are my options?"

Offering multiple lengths is a big challenge for a startup denim company. We have to spread our inventory over more options, which means we occasionally have to make some tough decisions and order limited numbers in certain waist and length combinations.

If your ideal length isn't available, we suggest looking to purchase the same waist size in a longer length and having your denim tailored to the perfect length (it’s usually between $10-15, just make sure they keep the original hemline. We have intentionally ordered more inventory in longer lengths to provide this option as we begin to sell and track the popularity of sizes.

3. "You're out of my size, will you be restocking again?"

As we sell out of certain sizes we will be placing restocking orders once we meet a minimum quantity of pieces. We plan to restock every 3-4 months if sales remain steady, maybe a bit faster if you and all your friends shop for our Athletic Fit Denim! 

If we are out of your size, please sign up on the product page to be notified when the size you’re looking for is back in stock. This guarantees you’ll be the first to know when new product hits the site.

4. "Why can't I order denim outside the U.S.?"

Right now our site is currently set up for shipping only in the US. We're working on a cost-effective solution but for now, we can process the order manually including shipping costs, which vary by location. Please email us about placing an international order and we can help you out! Unfortunately, we can't offer free return shipping on international orders so for a refund you would need to cover shipping costs both ways.

5. "Are you planning to do more styles and washes?"

Heck yeah! We have big plans to change the way athletes shop for jeans, but we learned the first time that slow and steady is the best way to build this type of business. 

For the foreseeable future, we’re going to concentrate our efforts on our Classic Fit denim and expanding the number of washes and inventory, along with some amazing apparel to complement your jeans and rock at the gym. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks of new products and washes!

We’re also planning to offer additional styles of athletic fit jeans (bootcut, slim, etc.) but it won’t be until at least 2021. Perfecting the fit takes time our friends!

Did we miss something? If you have any additional questions we’re here to help. Drop us a line!