At Edison Atlas, we believe that body type and comfort shouldn’t be barriers to style. Every piece of clothing we make defines the balance between tailored fit and function. Our handcrafted apparel can handle anything you might encounter during a day that other denim can’t, including travel, tossing a ball with the kids, hiking, tailgating, dinner with friends, or a day at the office. Life is busy, stop worrying about outfit changes.

Our Jeans

With obsessive consideration we source premium, blended denim as the perfect complement to our athletic-fit template, ensuring a full range of motion while also eliminating the need to “size up” if your waist-to-thigh proportions don’t match traditional denim options. The result of this unique combination? A perfectly shaped pair of jeans for an athletic body, with a waistband that more dreaded “waist gap!”

Since starting our first denim company in 2014, numerous other companies, including some of the icons of our industry, have attempted to solve this “fit” issue but we’ve heard time and time again, “No one can match the durability, fit, and feel of your athletic fit jeans.” 

So, when we were forced to close down our original online store in 2017 we immediately immersed ourselves in the world of denim, listening to buyers, learning from manufacturers, and building the relationships that will ensure Edison Atlas will continue to meet the needs and expectations of our loyal customer base far into the future.

Even though we’re a small team we personally handle all outreach and communication, including fit size requests, so we can continue to build these relationships. This has, and always will be, a project that brings people together. We’re endlessly grateful for everyone’s support. 

Edison Atlas jeans are currently only available for purchase through our online store and are shipped domestically from our warehouse in central Connecticut. These jeans are EARNED.